How to Order

Player/Comfort Delivery System Upgraded to 2.0, automatic delivery, faster and more convenient,no 5% market transaction fees.

Watch Our Player Trade 2.0 Tutorial Video:
Watch Our Comfort Trade 2.0 Tutorial Video:

You can choose delivery method on product page as belows:


* Player Auction/Comfort Trade  is previous player/comfort delivery method

 About Player/Comfort Trade 2.0

1. How to Buy Via Player/Comfort Trade 2.0
Step 1: Choose your platform.
Step 2: Choose delivery method Player/Comfort Trade 2.0.
Step 3: Choose the amount of FIFA Coins you want, then click “buy now”.
Step 4: Please Sign in or Register your Account. 
Step 5: After Sign in, please confirm your order information and contact information and click “pay now”.
Step 6: After Payment, Go to My account “Order List” and you will wait for about 40s for order approve.

2. How To Get FIFA Coins
 Step 1: Please click "refresh" button to change it to "Get Coins".

Step 2: Click “Get Coins” button on order list page of my account after order approve.


3. How To Receive Coins via Player/Comfort Trade 2.0