How To Stop Your Players Getting Injured In FIFA 17

Jan 06,2017

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There is nothing more annoying than watching your best player wander in the FIFA 17 stadium due to their injures. But why it is so easy for the players to get injured in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team now and how to prevent those injures happen? It becomes a hot topic among the FUT community.

Now, it is only correct that the injure is part of the game - after all, a good manager will identify those tired or vulnerable players, and take them off before the damage completed.

But in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, it’s a very frequent occurrence  – and a serious problem that is causing issues for community.

Several Reddit forums have appeared, naming and shaming the easy-to-harm players, and asked EA to solve the problem.

While there is a characteristic that indicates a player's injury tendencies, but usually, the player has excellent results still picking up knocks.

Someone wrote: “I am four games into my first season and already have had five injuries to my players, two of which came in the first game.

“I’m somewhat new to FUT on a console, but this can’t be normal. Now they aren’t major injuries, 1-2 games max, but it’s frustrating having to use one of my subs in the first 30 minutes of each match.”

Another said: “Had a striker get injured and had to come off the field. First bit of play after the change, my sub gets injured and has to come off. Seriously??”

Injuries are also very expensive, gamers may spend hundreds of FUT coins on Healing cards to patch up injured players.

But a gamer, Timmo1984, found a hopeful flash - one of the best guesses if and when your players is at risk of a nasty mockery.

If a player has low fitness and is up against an opponent with an aggressive playing style, then they’re going to get a knock by chance.

Make sure to take this into account when deciding who starts the game - and who you want to take off.

Outside the Ultimate Team  - and if you are being sneaky, just adjust the slider.

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