An Amazing Way to Score Directly From FIFA 17

Apr 17,2017

4.17 The-amazing-way-to-score-directly-from-kickoff-on-FIFA 17

Do you know an old expression in football saying "You're at your weakest right after you score"? It is also can be said on FIFA 17. How many times have you scored, can only let the opponent run around you, sending your defence scrambling?

This is one of the top pet hates about the game for players.  Right next to taking penalties and not hitting the fake shot fast enough! Well, for a FIFA 17 YouTuber called "Krasi - BEST FIFA 17 TUTORIALS & TIPS & SKILLS", has opened a way for you to let you hit the opponents where it hurts directly from kickoff.

There are a lot of tips and secrets to make yourself a better FIFA player, but this time will definitely make you every time you play. While this is not a completely simple formula, there are some simple steps that will allow you to quickly and easily enter the final third place.

Firstly make sure that your strikers pass combines with the L1 button from kickoff, to ensure they are running forward immediately.

Once they bounce it back to the midfielder stationed at the edge of the centre circle, the midfielder needs to hit a strong pass (R1 + X) into the forward on the left-hand side.

Once entering into the forefront of the striker, the other striker is still making his forward run should be just ahead on the right side.  Once again, you need to pop up an L1 pass to the striker on the right side,  do a quick one-two.

Then, you have bypassed the midfield and are running at the defence.

You need a skill to go beyond the last defender, and YouTuber insists on pressing the L1 key, dragging the right simulation stick to the right, and then pressing the sprint.

No matter who the players are, they will bust away with 99 points speed at the climax of that skill, and then you scored. At this point, the rest depends on you!

Of course, if you are close to the end of this strategy and want to defend it, then you have not had much other things to do, but looking for a horrible slide tackle to break up the play!

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