Going for Arsenal and Manchester City of Premier League for Player of the Month prize

Nov 15,2017


The midfielder Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City is up for his nomination of second Player of the month in Premier League within two months. However, it is to see whoever is in the trying process in October for the prize and popular FUT 18 of POTM card. Buy fut 18 coins online to start procuring the best available players to make a superb FUT 18.  

Premier League has declared their October players of the Month and it is apparent that Kevin De Bruyne could have a second shot at that POTM prize while having lost out during September.  Gamers can find many contenders for the award. They are duo Kevin De Bruyne and Leroy Sane of Manchester City, defender Nacho Monreal of Arsenal, shot stopper of Burnley, Nick Pope, winger Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace and striker Glenn Murray of Brighton. In consideration, De Bruyne has been chosen in marking the second month. It is at the heart of invading threat of City. His vision and brilliant passing make six options and three of which were netted.  The coworker, Leroy Sane has also made a score and assisted in three wins of Man City during October. Hence, it is not to be astounding as he is in the queue. To procure the best available players fast, gamers can have cheap fifa 18 coins online. 

Nacho Monreal has also been the center to Arsenal as it is not just at the back. However, he made net in their opening in the victories against Brighton and Everton respectively. Similarly, Glenn Murray has proven invaluable for Brighton while netting for two times in winning against West Ham along with the equalizer over Southampton. As Crystal Palace has failed to work this season, Zaha has frequently proved the demarcation since recurring from wound with a goal. It shocked Chelsea for the first victory of Palace.  He also made a score that helped equalize over West Ham. 

Ultimately, there is young Burnley goalkeeper, Nick Pope. The performances of substitute keepers have indicated that absence of Tom Heaton has not been bypassed by Burnley. There were twenty-one saves making them have two clean sheets. Polling for POTM in Premier League has been shut now. However, FIFA 18 players on PS4, PC, Xbox One and now Nintendo Switch are to be holding a sharp eye as they think of other good card of UT to get. 

With the disclosure, a special FUT card is engaged for POTM with the enhancement stats to mirror the achievements of the victor of POTM in premier league.  Usually a new SBC for FIFA 18 players are to finish gaining this special card. Buy fifa 18 coins online. The past POTM prize was provided to Spurs Harry Kane and players still have some time to gain POTM card through the in-game SBCs prior to the time ends. 

Unluckily, there is only other path to gain the card and it is through the in-game transfer market. However, it is usually at the extortionately high-prices. Kane was called as the Player of the month for September on 13 October. Thus, it is possible that gamers and fans could find the declaration for the POTM for October this weekend and in the beginning of the next week.