FIFA 17 Career Mode : 5 Cheapest Midfielders

Nov 09,2016

Midfielders are the most important part of your side in terms of the impact on every game in FIFA 17. They cover the most ground during the game and contribute to each stage of the game, from defending and winning the ball, to creating and scoring at the other end.

FIFA 17 is full of midfield players, including return favorites such as Youri Tielemans and Alen Halilovic, as well as new players like Tottenham's Dele Alli (Who we choose In our FIFA 17 world of miracles XI).


5 bargain midfielders for FIFA 17

Of course, all of these people will spend your much money in career mode, but if you're going to travel to the transfer market without a huge billionaire owner, you still have a lot of choices. We have found five of the cheapest Midfielders from this year's games, most of them may be the future stars!

Viktor Kovalenko
Kovalenko is arguably one of the biggest bargains in FIFA 17. He does not look a lot, but he has decent data in the right field - his dribble, sight, shot, pass and free kick - which will grow from the mid-1970s to the 1990s, Years, he turned him into a world-class talent.
You can pack Kovalenko from Shakhtar Donetsk for around £ 9 million (€ 10 million), which is a peanut with 87 potential players. He should be on the list you want.

Dani Ceballos
The young Spaniard had a prominent season at Real Betis last year, and got some fantastic stats rewards at FIFA 17. Although he was a winger in last year's game, his dribbling, visual, passing and ball-handling scores both hovered at 80 marks this year, which made him perfectly suited to the central attacking role.
His completion can use a bit of work, but he has a lot of room to grow, up to 85% of the overall potential, when you can get him about £ 1.25 billion (13.9 million euros), you won't be silly to have a look at him.

Miguel Almiron
If you are looking for a central midfielder who can control the pace of the game, Almiron is definitely worth a look. You can get a player with a total score of 83 with only £ 10m (€ 11.3m) - certainly he is not the highest potential on this list, but he is already a mature midfielder with 88 sprint speed. His other important data hangs in the mid-1970s, but they will have a big boost over time, which makes him a very useful investment, especially if you take him with a strong, award-winning partner.

Pablo Galdames
You will have additional satisfaction to discover a good player in South America before any large European club holds on him. Galdames is still on the book of Spanish League in Chile,which means that you can buy him with a really good price! 
He's already a decent player, especially if you employ him as a squat role, his solution, passing, 86 Stamina and 85 Interception rating can really be effective. Most importantly, he will raise the overall rating to 84 potential, which makes him absolutely stolen by about 3.5 million pounds (3.9 million euros).

Riechedly Bazoer
A career mode favorite from last year's game, Bazoer's potential has been slightly downgraded, but he is still a good sign, much cheaper than last year.
You will find Bazoer is a versatile center midfielder in addition to his deck and his finish. His body and passing statistics are particularly good, which allows him to really control both ends of a game he only has to improve over time. £ 10 million (€ 11.1 million) is the top of the players on this list, but if you train his Bazoer-capable midfielder will be worth five times the amount because he should reach about 85 overall.

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