Coutinho face and hair has been updated in FIFA 17

Nov 11,2016

We just heard of the news about FIFA 17 Title Update 2, then we ere told that Coutinho face and hair has also been updated. 

It seems that FIFA 17 players are now doing as EA has done and we think we can not finish in the mid season. EA finally gave Liverpool's Philip Kudiniao at FIFA 17's face and hair remodeled!

This is an important transaction for players because it means that anyone who doesn’t have their official face or correct hair can now be updated by EA at any point in the season if they think it is necessary or if they get enough complaints from the community.

The curling Africans from FIFA 15's Kudiniao have become an ongoing joke community because EA has not updated it for FIFA 16 anyway, but now that has all changed.


new style

Look at the new face of FIFA 17 Coutinho faces and also a new hairstyle to match his current look when played in Liverpool every week.

Just a scary reminder, here is Coutinho looks like after FIFA 17 title update 2 just a few hours ago.



You'll agree that the result is ten times better than before and it offers great hope for other players such as Renato Sanches.

Do you have any other thoughts about the names of other players who need facial or hair updates? Just comment below or visit FIFACOINSBUY.Com to get more news about FIFA 17 Ultimate Team and buy cheapest fifa 17 coins there!

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