FIFA 17 Black Friday Deals Are Coming to FUT

Nov 22,2016


Black Friday came back and the Cyber Monday things was around,we were all sowing a great game deal - the hottest deals on game consoles now. For many stores, Black Friday has evolved from a one-day sale to a once-a-week activity to get the opportunity to get a deal now.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Players should support Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in FUT and Promotional Web Apps offers and lightning round rewards.

FIFA 17 Black Friday Deals: The Ultimate Team Offer comes to FUT

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team players should be well prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the coming days.On Black Friday, you should see more gold, silver and bronze packages to provide more opportunities to find the formed players.

Actually the Black Friday is this friday, but the EA may continue push out a independent promotion from this weekend till next Cyber Monday. If the EA Sports team follows the type, we should also see some lightning at hourly intervals at each point provided by Black Friday.

These flash rounds will also provide the opportunity window for FUT players, FutHead explained that all those windows are usually very specific, for example we can see an increase in all current TOTW in-forms or all 87+ rated advancements. This means that all packages Opened within that hour will have a higher probability of containing any additions

There is also an opportunity for additional FIFA 17 Black Friday races, which often have fantastic winnings and easy access requirements, but you can take advantage of it just for 2 to 3 hours as they requested.

Watch out for a FIFA 17 market crash

Last year, the players as hit by a huge market crash at Ultimate Team when they enjoyed the FIFA 16 FUT community. Many expect this to happen on Black Friday, than happening just before the joint FUT promotions in November.

FUThead said that if the FUT transfer market trend is the same as last year, then we should be the first real drop in the prices of FIFA 17 players.

Surprisingly, prices were diving in the first edition of the FUT United promotion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, November 13 through November 16, last year.

Fut United before the promotion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we sure how much players are going to collapse, depending on the packages, offers and notifications posted by EA Sports.

Before the upcoming Black Friday offer, FIFA 17 FUT players can grab themselves a fantastic 35k giant package (or 700 FIFA points), which includes a staggering 30 items! At least including 26 gold players and a combination of consumables, of which 18 will be rare.

The package can be used till 6pm on Nov.22nd, 2016, five packs limited.

In addition, you have a change to grab the TOTW 9 and the special edition FIFA 17 coins Movember project on FIFACOINSBUY.Com, which is offering highest DISCOUNT for Black Friday too as the following:

Nov.20th to Nov.29th:  All products on sale for a discount up to 20% off

Nov.25th to Nov.29th: Orders Amount ≥ $50, another 5% off (Code: BLACK012)
                                      Orders Amount ≥ $25, another 2% off(Code: BLACK011)