Funny Moments of FIFA 17 Glitches In Real Life

Nov 22,2016


FIFA 17 fans combined to recreate the glitches of the game in real life, leading to an absurd video with many convulsions, invisible players and several darts.

FIFA 17 is full of noteworthy moments, whether they are from the first story series mode with Alex Hunter, or a moment player realizes that they can actually be in the game. EA sports made this title every year but all of these maintenance means FIFA 17 is due to some glitches hidden in the dark. Now that FIFA's franchise has turned to the Frostbite engine, most of the glitches seem to be related to how the physics should work and the behavior of the players - which means that when it is glitches, the result is often absurd.

A YouTube channel called F2Freestylers created a montage, football fans in real life reproduce the failure of these FIFA 17, the results illustrate themselves. 

Every FIFA series translation has its fair bugs, which is really a rare part of FIFA's experience. We found this year's FIFA 17 was a great product that breathed a much-needed breath of fresh air into the annual series, though this is not to say that a gatekeeper might jump out of his way in a free throw. We also have to admit that stealth human referees may be able to capture more fouls than typical PGMOL referees.

The video is not exactly just glitches, though, that takes time to make fun of some brutal awkward interactions with Alex Hunter and his partner Gareth Walker, or performing a perfect one-on-one to create an exaggerated The touchdowns celebrate through a shamelessly simple goal. Those who play in the online mode of any game will feel a sense, because players are often the same as each goal of the World Cup final.

While EA has made some of its own glitches fun videos in the past, the fact this year featured NBA 2K17 makes the funny thing is a six-year-old NBA elite from the fate of EA's failure. No news, if their main rival, evolved soccer, would throw a shuffle goalkeeper to celebrate the combination.

What did you think about the above FIFA 17 real life glitch compilation? Just feel free to comment below.

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