FIFA 17 Has Updated on Xbox One, But It Is Still a Mystery Right Now

Nov 25,2016


As we known that there has been a mystery on Xbox One of FIFA 17 Update, which is still unknown for us with what it is and what changes it has made compared to the previous update.

Till now, we just be told that this update is only out on Xbox One and we’re getting several reports that it is roughly between 975-990MB in size and they do vary between regions.

EA has updated FIFA 17 on Xbox One with Title Update 2 last week, but this doesn’t look to be Title Update 3 or FIFA 17 1.04 – we track all of the latest FIFA 17 updates here as they arrive.

All of us are waiting for the explaining from the EA after ended their silence, letting the community know what the FIFA 17 Xbox One patch notes for November 23 are, hopefully we’ll be able to bring you the answer soon so keep checking back.

Some players think that it is just a hotfix from EA which will enable other players to access FIFA 17 for free this week, with EA confirming a FIFA 17 free weekend on all platforms between November 24-27, please refer to

Keep an eye on the topic in case they go live there, but for now leave a comment below if you have spotted any major changes yourself which we should know about.

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