Guides For FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

Nov 28,2016


The Ultimate Team is one of(if it is not) the most popular game modes in FIFA 17. Recently, a new model, the FUT Championship was introduced, as part of the ultimate team competition. Winning the game will earn your reward based on the level of the game.

Doing well on daily knockouts will win you a place in the weekend league. If you are good enough for the weekend league, you will get a point and a monthly ranking level. Finally, you can even get a point in the World Cup if you're really good.

Then how do you start raking in those rewards? Here are some guides to help you.

The basics

Similar to trading card games or like "football stickers", you collect a pack of players and various other items. Then at all those you build your team and then let them go to a few games that will earn your coins that you have to use to strengthen them.

Obviously, building your "ultimate team" will take hours to play, but in the end you will feel that your team becomes stronger.

Player ratings

There are three categories that players are defined as based on how good they are, namely gold, silver and bronze. What you want to get is probably gold medalists because they score 75 or higher overall. However, please note that for some of the tournaments, there are some entry restrictions that may prohibit gold players

There are another three categories that make up the previous category. They are Normal, Rare and In Form. These In Form players provide a statistically significant boost to players who perform very well in real life.

Building a team

Your team's performance will be greatly dependent on their Chemistry. The top rating for Chemistry would be 100, and achieving that was not an easy feat. You will face the Chemistry challenge, because the player must sign a contract for your team. So keep collecting contract cards as this is the way to make your team efficient.

The transfer market

This is where it gets the financial-transfer market. Because not all people have the luck to have a lot of Gold or Silver players, this is the place where you can buy or sell them. You can either use coins or with FUT coins,and it transfers them into real money as you use cash to buy them.

You might think that in this case, the money spenders (sometimes referred to as "Whalers") do have the advantage to make the ultimate team. But once again, in real life in the Premier League has the same case. So, better check whether the market tends to fall in price, which is based on many factors, such as if there are many specific players in the market, or if your target player moves in different teams in real life, like that case.


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