"FIFA17" UT mode D1 League Play Skills

Nov 29,2016




"FIFA17" UT mode of the D1 League is the highest difficulty, I believe it is within sight but beyond reach for a lot of players! Then the following FIFACOINSBUY.Com brings "FIFA17" UT mode D1 League playing skills, to tell you how D1 League Kick, hope you like.

First of all, the squad as changed this week refer to the weekend Champions League last month's first big God's tactical board.

The squad with 4321 is indeed a good mix, but this squad is strong to attack but weak in defensive, if you want to attack and sippress the opponent, this squad may be very suitable for you.

I was using 4321 before when playing D3, mixed match with matrix together ith the not bad level, haven't met any obstacles all the way.

But if the lineup is in geberal level, i recommend to select 41212 2, which was recognized the most balanced squad both in offensive and defensive efficiency. Of course it depends on yourself, i just start from the theory and practice of myself, we can give advice and suggestions to help each other and get great progress together!

I refer to the idea of the Great God. With 4321 to build the team, and then change into 4312 for the opening, this basically the same with 41212 2, and I usually pull the middle of cm to cdm. 

Great god forward line mule Benma Suya, replaced after 4312 camel cam, Messi bench or Greitzman can also do that.

I use Sissoko to play rcm, the effect is really good. Many people have ignored the black and hard man, i like the sorcerer from online3.

God is playing with Bell to be lcm, I do not consider the Spanish forward line, after all, the price ratio is a bit low.

Mathur is really buff, full of chemistry to play ST,  every game has the moment to create the opportunity, he can in my left to the other guard can cause a lot.

Many people will ask if Luka library easy to use? In all conscience, it really worth 200, 000 with the recent PC price. To see Aguero, Ibrahimovic, two or three times worth of him, i used to have them but sold out at last, they are very good to use, but the price ratio is too low. Considering the Black Friday and how much money in my hand, i'd rather to choose Valdey.

Lukaku's body and speed did not have to say, it seems the inverse foot is 4, although useless into the right foot, I am basically accustomed to using customary foot shot. Header is the reason why i like him, when your direct line prevented by the opponent, try to put on the back or midfielder pull side 45-degree pass will be pleasantly surprised.

The squad of 4321 and 4312 are both shown in the figure, the benches are Royce replaced Margaret, Obama Mei Yang Luka library replacement, with the 4321 group are full of chemistry.

Marjorie Lukacu to play the ST is really not because Royce Obama is weak, just want to attack with one more means: header. Lukaku's speed and body is used to expend the opponent's defense, and then the bench can fight back with speed in the second haft. Div more up, the closer the strength is often a fight that is a small chance, and speed is the decision to small that the key to the success of the opportunity, so I think the second half must be substitutions, the best three places are used.

Another skill is to face the leading or backward situation, the right and left of the handle cross can adjust to attack or defense,  the leading time by left defensive position to fight back to fight back when the pressure by the right side of the opponent to force the other side pressure Mistakes

With full of chemistry, you are basically qualified to strengthen the Bundesliga three-piece, the lower left Alabaz Boateng, goalkeeper Neuer, the lower right Sokoladisi and Pishi do not Move, cdm with Sanchez should be a good point, and Kante is the same as the midfield washing machine, cm, then Vidal, the other I do not know, but there are a lot of choices for you, like cam Muller.

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