Birthday wishes: Hummels Hopes to Get His Speed Up To 70 in The Next FIFA Game

Dec 16,2016


Mats Hummels, a professional footballer from Bayern Munich, is due to celebrate his birthday of 28 on December 16 and he just joked on twitter, saying that his ideal gift would be to see his Speed gets up to 70 in the next FIFA Game.

The World Cup-winning defender is less then impressed with his speed score in the popular video game and hopes to see his figures raised in the near future

Mats Hummels has a lot of positive in his career. 

The 27 year old player boasts a World Cup winners’ medal after getting Bundesliga champiosn for two times,

His efforts at Borussia Dortmund attracted him into the of a global audience and saw him occupy a great position of football’s finest centre-halves.

After transfered to Bayern from Dortmund in summer, he  got 1 goal and 1 assist in the 12 league games and among the 12 games,  including 5 games which he helped the team closure the opponents with zero points.

Bayern Munich, let him slip through their grasp again and again, not the club's transmission of this type of talent.

They moved to take him back to Bavaria in the summer, and Hummels seamlessly slid into the Allianz Arena folds.

He is pursuing further important honors at home and abroad, but not everything is perfect in the life of a man who seems to have everything.

Currently, Hummels - who is not known for his speed - has a speed rating of 64. Though his total score is 87, but in the single item of speed, it has not being changed.

He made up for this shortness with his passing and body stats, but apparently did not feel that he was one of the four partners of a 33-year-old colleague Philipp Lahm and a 15-point deficit half-center Jerome Boateng.

However, the burly defender can control his knowledge, he is considered to be fairly quick on the ground rather than teammate Xabi Alonso, who is fairly stingy at the speed front 33 fairly quickly!

Here FIFACOINSBUY send their best wishes to Hummels for his birthday and wish him to realise his dream earlier!