FIFA 17 FUT Draft Tips

Dec 26,2016

FUT Draft

What is the FUT Draft? FIFACOINSBUY gives you a fast Ultimate Team game mode.

Many new FIFA players do not know what is the Ultimate Team Draft in FIFA 17, but it is one of the most interesting and exciting modes of the game. In this mode, you can select players for each position, and select five players for every place in the squad. It gives the opportunity to be with top players you may not be able to afford your in regular team, and combine players from different countries.

The Draft only lasts for four matches, after each victory there are more prizes. But if you lose in the first round, you are eliminated, almost empty-handed. It takes 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA points to enter, but if you win just one or two matches, you will win back your money. For rewards you receive the package, which improves every victory. Drafts are available in both online and single mode, but more rewards can be made online.

Choosing the right formation

When entering the Draft mode, you will be asked to choose your form when you have the opportunity to draft any of your players. Make sure you pick one of your favorite systems and we recommend sticking to the four behind and make sure you have two wide players.


It is important to keep a strong chemistry throughout in order to make the most of your players, so be sure to choose the same nationality or department player, not just the best talent. When you build a Premier League team, it's tempting when an In Form Leonardo Bonucci pops up, but you'd better stick to Phil Jagielka.

Using your squad

If you drew Gareth Bale in your reserves after you’ve got a German team, you can still use the Real Madrid's star. Substitutes will not affect the chemical composition of the team, so be sure to take him in the second half. If during the Draft you are satisfied with your first eleven, use the remaining options to look for the stars to take off the bench. Physical strength will not be reduced in the draft, so you do not need to waste your choice to bring the extra center half.


As with the nature of the draft, you can come across a team that is far superior to yours. However, you can use your advantage by hitting them back on the counter attack. Use the arrow keys to change your team mentality to "defensive" or even "super-defensive." Then press the up arrow and select "Back", which allows your players to advance as they win and hope to catch your opponent at rest.

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