Tips and Tricks For The Journey In FIFA 17

Dec 27,2016

Tips and Tricks For The Journey In FIFA 17

Are you confused for The Journey in FIFA 17? Make sure to read our tips and tricks before you start the Career of Alex Hunter.

There are a lot of reasons to go out to buy FIFA 17 Coins or get a new console this year, as EA Sports first introduced the FIFA franchise for travel patterns. You play Alex Hunt's "Journey", a 17-year-old aspiring soccer player, who has a big shot into the final shot. The decisions you make determine Hunter's career, so at FIFACOINSBUY,  we offer a quick guide to start on The Journey, with no saboteurs.

Select The Correct Position

During the exit test, you can choose what position Alex Hunt will play. This will attack the midfield, right wing, left wing or striker. Think about the clubs you want and determine which is their weakest position. Hunters start with only a total rating of 60 and you will want to compete as little as possible in your position. Attacking the midfield may just be the best shout as this will allow you to play a central or wide midfield as well. If in doubt, just choose the striker, because more goals mean more growth, it will give you a better chance to exit the test on the 11-a side of the game.

Start Your Career

Perhaps the most unrealistic part of The Journey will appear soon. After a strong withdrawal performance, every Premier League club want to sign. Yes, every one. There is no right or wrong answer, but if you listen to the comments of each club's agent, he obviously points you in the smaller direction of the group. If you do not have a decision, think about where you choose to influence your decision. If you are a left winger, you will not get a lot of luck in Chelsea and Eden dangerously pecking order in front of you.

Play As Team Or Hunter?

Before each game, you can choose whether to be the entire team or as single Alex Hunt. They both have their own strengths and weaknesses, however. As a team means you can choose to pass and do the tackle you need, but your man hunters will be limited to one position. Being a 17-year-old player allows you to drift out of position and catch the opponent's cold, but sometimes it's frustrating when your teammates do not do tackles or just kick the ball out. We suggest you start playing the game as a team, but if you take off the bench or be a big match (cup / starter / Derby) to play the hunter has a greater impact.

Use skill points judiciously

Once again, when it comes to skill points, there is no right or wrong answer. In addition to his natural growth, you can also improve Hunter's overall score by using skill points. With the improvement of young stars, more skill points will appear. Be wary of the skills you need in your position, for example, if you are a striker, you will want to improve your skills and improve his shooting. The pace is always important, regardless of position, but perhaps away from long throw and free-throw statistics, as they are rarely used in games and will have little or no impact on your overall rating.

Average Your Responses

In a post-match interview, or chat with a coach or teammate, you'll choose Alex Hunter's answer. It would be cool, hot or balanced. Now you will not get far away if you choose to balance each time, or keep your lips or become a boring James Milner, so be sure to confuse your answers. If you want more social media followers, it can lead to sponsorship deals going hot, but if you're trying to get into the first team, make sure you go for cool responses.


We do not recommend this, but if you really struggle on The Journey, then there is a way to make life easier. If you go to set, game settings, and then customize the user game, you can improve your player's ability. So you can go to the full 9-yard and maximize every ability to eliminate every error or fine-tune it and give you a better chance. You'd better change the difficulty, but if you just want a game to find your feet in a few goals, that's the way to do it.

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