Going for Sydney Regional Final of FIFA 17 Ultimate Championship Series

Feb 08,2017

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Recording the thrilling 2017 European FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series of Regional Final in Paris makes devotees of FUT 17 file the competition at the southern hemisphere. Sydney, Australia brings the backdrop for the Rest of the World major competitors. Hence, they are to all set their skills to the judgment as the Regional Finals keep continuing.  

There are sixteen competitors from each divisions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and they are to battle for winning some $20,000 USD as an option. A coveted ticket to the Ultimate Team Championship in Berlin is also included. Both experienced and new players combine the group that must make this most unpredictable Regional Final in 2017. It is surely a game of anybody. However, the five competitors on PS4 are highlighted here to observe on 11 February. Gamers can go for cheap fifa 17 coins in exchange of real world money to start alleviating their needs of coins in the very beginning of gameplay of FIFA 17. Coins help gamer procure the best available players to make a superb FUT 17. Taking part in games and competitions help gamer gain coins again. 

One of the competitors is Samer “Samer96_” Elbadar. Samer 96_ introduces his rookie skills to this thrilling set of match. He is a new one to the scene and this competition comes out as a new one to him. Samer fast shot to the major of the rankings. He put first in the November major 100 FUT Champions Leader-board while securing a spot upon a big stage in his hometown. 

Seif “Haddadin_95” Ziad Haddadin is another competitor on PS4. Haddadin_95 comes out as one of the more experienced players in the field for the Regionals. Haddadin_95 is working for Pharmacy at the University of Jordan. However, there is no expectation from him to be caring for his wounds after this event. Haddadin_95 got the crown of 2015 National Champion of Jordan at the Fanta Masters. Gamers can avail fut 17 coins from the professional online gaming house, FIFACOINSBUY.Com to start procuring the diverse items including players to make a dream FUT 17. 

The experienced competitor and winner is Abdulaziz “A8drAfwz” Alshehri. This man is also called as MrD0ne and also known as a FIFA World Champion. He is a four-time Saudi Arabian Champion, a three-time Middle East Champion, and one-time Asia Champion. It is to watch this veteran in Sydney. 
The other competitor is Lam Kwung “janvylam1989” Hang.  janvylam1989 completed third in the November top 100 FUT Champions leader-board. It was a powerful finish for him that made him appear into Sydney for the regional finals of 2017. The devotee of Arsenal and Kowloon natives like to favor the 4-1-2-1-2 (2) while taking part in FIFA Ultimate Team play. However, this top-tier competitor is to be required with few tricks in his sleeve to bring them to the finals of Berlin.  

Sony “S_O_N_Y_528” Chui comes out as another competitor and he completed in the event of November qualification. He is placed second upon the major 100 FUT champions leaderboard while bending heavily toward a lineup. It is characterizing Real Madrid players where he appears as a big fan.  As a die-hard devotee of Real Madrid, he likes to display that loyalty through his lineup. The blending of skills and roster constructions could establish victorious for his powerful competitor.  Keep updated with the newest news along with fifa 17 coins being available at Fifacoinsbuy.Com.