MLS Brings FIFA 17 FUT qualifier to New York City On Thursday

Mar 02,2017

/3.2 MLS brings FIFA 17 FUT qualifier to NYC on Thursday1

Listening, all guys, because it's about to be true soon!

EA SPORTS will bring the FIFA 17 FUT Qualifier Premier Series to New York City on Thursday, March 2nd, which is a dynamic segment with the world's top FIFA 17 talent. The MLS March to Soccer Challenge will hold senior players on behalf of the MLS team and in the brand new adidas Brand Center at 565 5th Ave. In Midtown Manhattan.

Elite FIFA 17 players will represent each of the following eight MLS teams in qualifiers: Chicago Fire, Colorado Rapids, New England Revolution, Portland Timbers, Toronto FC, LAFC, San Jose Earthquakes, and the Philadelphia Union.Their performance will determine whether they can be locked up in the EA SPORTS FIFA FUT Premier Series Finals in Vancouver of this month.

Representative of the Chicago Fire will be legendary FUT YouTuber and dope mustache-haver Edwin Castro, who was better known as Castro1021 online. He has a killer's record of competition and a knack for flair. You may also recognize Castro in the summer last summer's AT & T MLS All-Star Weekend. He will face Bernardo Polvo-Romero, the representative of Rapids in Colorado, which is MrESTRINO, which will be the most intense match in the first round.

Polvo-Romero won the regional finals in the eCOPA Coca-Cola Finals in New York City last November. Castro may have more bigger brands, but Polvo-Romero may just have the edge based on a kind of home -ield advantage.

Do not expect Bernardo to be the only person to make his name on this tournament. Each of these players brings enough talent to the table. No matter what happens, it will light up.

Other first-round races include Portland vs. New England,  Toronto vs. LAFC, and San Jose vs. Philadelphia. Here are the players representing each MLS team:


  • Portland Timbers - Nick Mars, Marsbars11
  • New England Revolution - March Shauffer, Hallucination
  • Toronto FC - Yeico Cavazos, DonnaBeast
  • LAFC - Martin Oregel, FIFAkillers xII
  • San Jose Earthquakes - Shadii Daher, Ghost Buster 664
  • Philadelphia Union - Sebastian Javela, SEBAS21193

After that first round, things heat up right away with a pair of semi-final showdowns leading up to the big dance. The winner of the two-legged final will get right to bragging and a trip to the Regional Finals. Not a bad gig at all.

The best part? All the action will be streamed live. Watch the whole tournament unfold on Thursday, March 2nd, starting at 7 pm Eastern Time. Click to read more.