FIFA 17 Free Packs And New SBC Comes On March 31 For FUT 8th Birthday

Mar 29,2017

fut 8 years old

With the coming of the FUT Birthday week, one of the most anticipated activities of the FIFA calendar is planned to launch on March 31, with free packs and new squad-building challenges likely. FIFA Ultimate Team fans, Brace yourselves!

Although EA sports has not yet published the exactly specific content, but we have the basic details and a lot of rumors to let us know what may be happening. Since there has been a  huge event every year for FUT players, including the wonderful packs, the squad-building challenges and the expected special player cards. This is what we know so far.

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The followings are some things we need know about the FUT Birthday:

What Is The FUT Birthday Week?

FUT birthday week celebrates FIFA Ultimate Team's birthday, as the name suggests. FUT first appeared on March 19, 2009 for FIFA 09, but EA is often mark the anniversary a little later to avoid clash with the promotion of St. Patrick's Day. Last year, it included a free pack every day for a week, the FUT Birthday Cup with special rewards (including exclusive kit) and daily special pack offers.

When Is The FUT Birthday Week?

EA has confirmed that the Birthday promotion will start on March 31 and their activities on Facebook show that it will last until April 8, a bit more time than usual.

What Packs Can We Expect?

The FUT Birthday Week usually means one free pack every day - you only need to exchange it every night because they will not carry forward. Last year, it started with a 5k gold pack on the first day and ended up with a 50k Rare Players Pack on the seventh day, and these packs gradually became more and more valuable. The free packs may be inviolable. The packs may be rolled out similarly; in 2016, it started with 1.8k premium bronze player packs on the first day and ended with 100k scale Rare Player Packs.

What Squad-Building Challenges Can We Expect?

This is the area that most people expect, but we know least about. There was a lot of hype over the possibility of a team of the week squad-building challenge last week when some excellent players were strangely shoehorned into the weekly selection despite middling performances (like Kevin De Bruyne after a 1-1 draw with Liverpool) but the FUT Birthday celebration was held back. Since we are entering the FUT Birthday off an international break, one potential squad-building challenge reward could be the return of international player position cards given, but that's just speculation.

What Tournaments Can We Expect?

Maybe none.The introduction of FUT Champions and the Weekend League has already seen EA almost out of the online tournaments, so we are more likely to see Birthday-related content and then the usual Birthday Cups.

Will The Market Be Affected?

This is unlikely to be too much, but when the most valuable packs and rewards are released and more people have their hands on them, the player price tends to fall. You'd better pick up bargains in a more saturated market and sell it at a higher price later than get rid of your existing cards during this period.

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