FIFA 17 Patch 1.08 Feature Updates: Game Issues And Bugs Fixed

Mar 31,2017

As we have known that the lastest update fpr the EA Sports Video Game FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Read FIFA 17 Update 1.08 Finally Comes To PS4 And Xbox One 
3.31 FIFA-17-Patch-1.08-Features-Updates-Gameplay-Issues

According to PSU, the 1.08 patch is designed to solve several problems and bugs in the FIFA 17 gameplay. It is said that one of the major fixes is related to the part when the goalie recovers the ball after a teammate's pass back.  The penalty kick indicator has been disabled, as well as the trainer in all the FUT Champion matches.

The update also gives players a limit to the number of wins they may have during the FUT Champions' weekday knockout tournament. You can check the changes in the main tournament title of HUB. The attribute items during the competitions have also been regulated. And new restriction options have also been added likewise, as well as new games in the leaderboard.

In the aspect of visual upgrade, the patch has solved the players' overall rating problems, as many gamers have described the score was wrong. The Chapecoense's team crest has also been updated, while the 2D player photo of Axel Tuanzebe has been fixed. Players can also see that the latency bar graphic in all online modes has been standardized.

Since the introduction to the PS4, PC and Xbox One in September last year, "FIFA 17" has received a lot of positive reviews. The animations used in the game are said to be first class, compared with the previous version, the gameplay's physical strength and excitement are much higher. The game also introduces "The Journey", a story mode that follows the adventures of Alex Hunter, an aspiring football player who wants to make it big in the Premier League.

According to the PlayStation lifestyle, the next "FIFA" series, which is expected to be launched later this year, will be featured the second part of the single-player mode. It is said that gamers can look forward to the new characters and storylines in the next installment.