Three Simple Settings Make You a Better FIFA 17 Player

Apr 18,2017

3 simple settings that will make you a better FIFA 17 player

As we know FIFA 18 will be upon us a few months later, but now, we still need seriously treat the current game FIFA 17. Sometimes some small tweaks can make a huge impact on the game. 

However, with so many settings, finding the right ones to tweak can prove to be an expensive trial and error process.

Thankfully, YouTuber Krasi has done a hard work for us and he has found three simple ways to instantly make yourself a better FIFA 17 player, no matter how your ability be. And all of these can be applied to FUT players.

Let us have a look together.

Custom camera settings 

Krasi recommends you use a modified version of the Tele Broadcast camera and change them both using the sliders instead of just sticking with the default zoom and height values. And you are advised to set height to ’19’ and zoom to ‘3’. By doing this, you’ll be able to see all of the players on your radar and therefore make better use of the pitch. This should be FIFA 101.

Player name

As we know, when we play online, the oppositions gamer ID will appear over the player they’re controlling. Krasi recommends changing the ‘player indicator’ to ‘player name’. Therefore, you get the actual player you're up against instead of getting a gamer tag. This is because you’ll know exactly what player is on the ball – so be aware of their skills or stronger foot. As a result, you can adjust tactics accordingly.

Lobbed through balls

So far, this is the most important and easiest way which unleash your strikers, but it is very tough to pull off the perfect pass. Then in order to give yourself the best possible chance, setting ‘lob pass assistance’ to ‘manual’. It’ll give you more control over the lob pass’s power and direction.

Do you want to be a better FIFA 17 player? Just do as Krasi recommends, you will get it! By the way, the offers the cheapest fifa 17 coins online, if you need, just feel free to visit and shop there!