Easy Techniques To Score When You Are one-on-one With the Goalkeeper on FIFA 17

Apr 21,2017

FIFA 17 has a habit of frustrating even for the most talented players - there are only some things about the game can drag a player down! For example, taking penalties is really hard to grasp. Even now, the writer also just caresses it down the middle and just hope the 'keeper moves!

4.21 easy technique finishes every single one-on-one on FIFA 17

It seems that every year that while EA tries to make the game more smoother and life-like, they become more difficult in many ways too. In the past years, a player with pace could be absolutely devastating flying down the wings, but EA will certainly make the power more balanced, while defending speed.

It is the same for the goalkeepers. As long as you think you have found a way to beat them, EA will use some methods to correct the problem and strengthen it in the next game. We all know that the goalkeepers collected 99.9% of all the high balls in the game, but shooting at goal is a different story.

If you go through on goal in FIFA 16 and simply go for power, the ball will fly over a helpless goalkeeper. Now, the last line of defense will often make the ball behind, this is the frustration for players exist everywhere. So how can you score every single time when you are one-on-one with the goalkeeper? The "driven finesse finish" is your new best friend. YouTuber Ovvy is here to help us with brgining the two variations shown below:

The first is when your player is at quite close range. You want to hold down the R1 button (finesse) and then double tap circle (the shoot button) and this will put the ball under the onrushing 'keeper.

The second one is from a further distance and although you essentially use all the same steps as the first version, this time around, you get two bars of power on your shot and then you quickly press R1 again.

He also said that you should always try to complete the task on your player's dominant foot, and with the further driven finesse finish, you should always aim at the goalkeeper. 

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