Enjoy watching five group matches in Berlin FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship

Jun 13,2017


Gamers can find major thirty-two FIFA competitors around the world and they came together to get accustomed to their challengers while finishing group draw of FUT 17 Championship in Berlin. In this tournament, the best FUT player of the world is to be crowned. The groups are now fixed and gamers can be in a FIFA treat as there are some fantastic matches not to be missed. These fantastic five matches are PSG DaXee vs PSG Rafifa13, PSG Rafifa13 vs MSDossary7, S04_Cihan vs MrD0ne (PS4), Salz0r vs TimoX (PS4), and Gorilla Unilad vs The Royal (XBOX One). To arrange the best players while making a grand FUT 17 team, gamer requires having sufficient FIFA 17 Coins. When coins are scarce, gamers can opt to visit professional vendor online for coins. 

One of the group matches is PSG DaXee vs PSG Rafifa13 to be taken place at 12:15 PM CET or 6:15 AM EST. There is a duel to be taking place between two Paris Saint-Germain players. The devotee-preferred Rafael Salles “PSG Rafifa13” Leite Fortes is searching to make something special on his Season One Americas Regional Championship. He is to begin the tournament and his quest to FIFA glory is to make battle with his teammate. It is the season two Europe Xbox One runner-up, Lucas “PSG DaXee” Cuillerier. As a gamer, one should not miss this one.  

Second group match is PSG Rafifa13 vs MSDossary7 to be taken place at 1:35 PM CET or 7:35 AM EST. This match is to characterize two competitors that ensured their concerned Regional Finals, the entire path to elevate the trophy.  Rafael Salles “PSG Rafifa13” Leite Fortes are to go in direct competition with Season 2 Rest of the World Regional Champion Aldossary “MSdossary7” Mossad. They are to appear again to the tournament just hours prior to the beginning.  To make a superb FUT 17 fast, gamers can go for buying FUT 17 Coins from the professional online gaming house affordably.  

The third group match is S04_Cihan vs MrD0ne to be taken place at 1:30 PM CET or 7:30 AM EST on PS4. Two PlayStation 4 divisional champions are to fight as Season 1 European Divisional Champion and Schalke 04 player Cihan “S04_Cihan” Yasarlar faces Saudi Arabian competitor. The other one is Season 1 Rest of the World Divisional Champ Abdulaziz “MrD0ne” Alshehri. They appear in a clash of identical invading playing fashion. Gamer requires keeping an eye on this match. 

The fourth group match is Salz0r vs TimoX to be taken place at 2:25 PM CET or 8:25 AM EST on PS4. It is another meeting from teammate to teammate. The player of VfL Wolfsburg and German compatriots Timo “TimoX” Siep and Benedikt “Salz0r” Saltzer are to meet each other to resume the fighting upon Group D in the PlayStation Division. It is to enjoy watching the match whether a seasoned veteran including Salz0r become able to overcome youngster TimoX or not.  

The fifth match is Gorilla Unilad vs The Royal to be held on Xbox One at 3:50 PM CET or 9:50 AM EST. It is one of the favorites in the tournament and Season 2 European Champion. Spencer “Gorilla Unilad” Ealing is to encounter Season 1 Rest of the World Regional Champion, Khalid “xX ThE RoYaL Xx” Aloufi. This match is considered one of the best tournaments so gamers must not miss it. Visiting at the nearest online coin vendor helps gamer buy FIFA Coins with the latest news on FUT 17.