How Does FIFA 18 Look Like On Nintendo Switch?

Jun 21,2017


When EA first revealed that FIFA will come to Nintendo Switch, the first question many fans asked is: which version of FIFA? The company later confirmed that it would be FIFA 18 - not, as some imagined after PS Vita's watered down FIFA Football, FIFA For Switch.

However, in the brief play session at E3 2017, it seems that the football game coming to Nintendo's hybrid console is not a perfectly mature champion what I expected. We have found that the Switch version will not run on the same engine, nor does it include the Journey, FIFA's story mode, but the problem is deeper than those. The first time to play FIFA 18 on Switch, obviously this is definitely not FIFA 18. This is not the same game I played a month ago on PS4.

From the character model to the feeling of the dribbling, almost all the feeling  quite far removed from FIFA 18 on PS4 and Xbox One. This may be the closest action to FIFA 15 or 16's gameplay in its on-pitch action--a little quicker both to respond and to move, and given that I am not a huge fan of FIFA 18 in the preview phase, this is probably a good thing.

In addition to that, it feels quite functional and as a competent FIFA port that you can actually expect on Switch. Until you detach the Joy-Cons to play multiplayer games, that's it.

For many FIFA players, the main (if not only), reason to buy FIFA Coins on Switch before the complete PS4, Xbox One or PC versions, is to have the ability to play on the move with friends. But playing with just one Joy-Con each makes it far too difficult to enjoyably do so. Fewer buttons than the standard controller ((you lose out on two triggers, a d-pad, and a stick) means less flexibility in pitch. In the standard control scheme, there is no adjustment to the original controls, so instead of saying that assigning a heavy touch to a double flick of the left stick in lieu of the the absent right, there simply appears to be no way of performing a heavy touch. This also applies to skill moves, accurate changes of player while defending, changing tactics on-the-fly, finesse shots, driven passes, and all types of chipped kicks.

Depends on your controller setup cancel function is very frustrating, so here hopes EA can achieve an elegant solution in time for release on September 29, 2017.

While feeling FIFA 18 a bit out of date, it is still very interesting. However, if you plan to play multiplayer games - the main advantage of the port is the PS4 and Xbox One versions, it is better not to switch flanks from console.

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