The Andromeda Situation Mistake Will Not Be Repeated In FIFA 18 Animations

Jun 28,2017


Another year, and another FIFA game is going on the way to us. Later this year, FIFA 18 will be released with some popular features, as well as last year's hit feature, The Journey. It will continue to spread the story of Alex Hunter, and as we know, to tell a story that you need strong emotions conveyed by not only good writing, but also include facial and body animations.

According to producer Matt Prior, shifting FIFA into Frostbite makes it easier for the developers to create a strong facial animation. The engine was previously used for Battlefield games and has evolved into a development tool for a wider variety of genres.

FIFA 18 animations require Frostbite to cover strong human emotions.

There is a lot of knowledge sharing among the teams at EA, and that is part of the philosophy behind why we move to the Frostbite engine. If the whole company is dealing with this one thing, then if there is a problem, then you will have a huge knowledge base to work.

From the consumers' point of view, this means that we can be much more efficient in making games when it comes because all the effort that has been poured into the backend is there for us to use. We can directly consider the function that really affects the user experience. That helps us to create better games and pay more attention to the features for players rather than working out how to make the backend work.

It is safe to say that at least FIFA 18 story mode will not repeat the mistake of the BioWare's Andromeda. The Mass Effect Andromeda animations were a disaster that has been criticized and turned into a meme across the board.

FIFA 18 will be released later this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The title is also coming to the Nintendo switch, but there were some missing features. Let us look forward to it and bringing us surprise!