FIFA 18 Boost Indian Football Team Rankings To Reflect Recent Success

Jun 30,2017


Success is worthy of recognition, especially in the sport of all endeavors. And a combination of the real-world success and the FIFA 18's new rating system means good news for the Indian football team, per sources with Sportskeeda.

One of the features that will be changed significantly is the rating system, which is a good news for the Indian football team. The Indian team has had a good performance  this year, according to sources, which could have prompted EA Sports to boost the team’s overall rating to 2.5, which is an obstacle that they have never surpassed before.

According to OneIndia, the real-world team on the cusp of breaching broke through the region's best FIFA rating in history, breaking the 94 points set in 1996 due to the recent successes. The next FIFA ranking takes place on July 6, ans should take into account the recent victories in Kyrgyzstan as well as over seven international championships over the past years.

Coach Stephen Constantine cautions that they would not read too much into the rankings because they are heavily affected by specific matches, because"it's difficult to judge whether we are 11th best nation in Asia or we are 90 something in the world. There are a lot of very good teams who are below us because they did not play or they lost to bigger teams." 

The next international real-world of India will appear in the Asian Cup qualifiers - which will be held in September. Interestingly, this me
ans that there may be a discrepancy between their real world performance and their performance in the in-game FIFA 18 play. After all, the game itself comes out later in the same month.

There may be a little chance to get it postponed - not because of the Asian Cup as it were, but the career of its front-cover star. This year's cover star, Cristiano Ronaldo says his uniform may have to swapped out of the final version. He may be leaving Real Madrid for Manchester, after all.

FIFA 18 is set to release on September 29 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and the Switch. And the Nintendo Switch version will be downscaled, as it is not powerful enough to support the Xbox One and PlayStation 4's Frostbite engine.