The Bundesliga League Will Continue to Keep a Cooperative Relationship With EA SPORTS

Jul 21,2017


Bundesliga International, a Bundesliga affiliate, announced that it will continue to maintain its relationship with Electronic Arts in electronic entertainment. In addition, they also become partners with Konami and Sega for the first time, giving them sufficient authority. At the same time EA SPORTS officially announced to get the German third-class league and the German Cup authorization, and all those content will appear in the upcoming FIFA 18.

Here are the details:

Since 1998, EA Sports has been working well with the Bundesliga league, and now they have got the next four seasons' license: from season 2018/19 to season 2021/22. As a result, the game's simulation authorization will continue to be bought by them. The authorization of the company also covers the e-sports area, they can continue to maintain the two major tournament brands: Virtual Bundesliga League sponsored by TAG Heuer and FIFA Ultimate Team series of events. The company also received a multi-lingual, non-exclusive authorization for football manager games, which will be benefit for their worldwide product promotion.

Konami and Sega, two of the same historic video game companies, also received the same non-exclusive authorization for their respective game products. Konami's managerial game has been successful in Asian market, while Sega's "Football Manager" has been a classic work in the Central European market.

"Events and football manager games are very important to us because they can enhance our popularity all over the world, especially for young people who are passionate about football. And that's why we are so happy to keep cooperation with Electronic Arts and worldwide famous FIFA game brand. We also got cooperation with Konami and Sega, who also can help us achieve our goals. "Jorg Daubitzer, CEO of Bundesliga International said.

All authorizations are widely available in multiple languages. At the same time the new technology and game engine also prompted Bundesliga International to design different types of authorization to conform to the trend of the times.

All the authorization processes are open, transparent, and the price is unified. But the amount of the authorized fee will not be public as all the partners agreed.