FIFA 18 Release New Trailer For Brand New Feature

Jul 24,2017

FIFA 18 has released a new gameplay trailer shocasing a brand new feature for the game, which EA Bosses hope will give the game the edge over Konami's PES 2018 release.



FIFA yesterday released a brand new gameplay trailer, showcasing the new features coming to the game ahead of the release on Xbox One and PS4 on September 29th.

The video mentioned above shows the brand new crossing control feature of FIFA 18, allowing players to deliver more varied and devastating crosses to the box. There is no doubt that the fans of this game who for a number of seasons have been left to simply stick it into the mixer and hope for the best.

In the trailer, fans can see three new types of cross, including Searching crosses, Whipped crosses and Lobbed crosses.

As die-hard FIFA fans might know, this is not the only new video released by EA Sports to help promote FIFA 18 this week, after a rather excellent clip was also released showcasing how the developers create such stunning and realistic character animations in the Game.

The video itself is held from a session with the new FIFA 18 cover star Cristiano Ronaldo (ACTI 18), who is wearing a sports capture suit to help EA Sports map his free-kick technique.

The better thing is that since this is a 360 degree video, the viewers can also be able to move around and see exactly how the player's appearance looks in the game, just on the right side of the video.

It was also revealed that the game will include the third division of Germany, known as '3 Liga' on the continent. The news was first initiated by Kicker's report, but was later picked up and verified by the Ultimate Team experts at

"If you are not super familiar with the German third division, you are not alone,' explained a blog post by Futhead.

"I'm a Bayern Munich supporter and even I could probably only rattle off two or three clubs if pressed. But perhaps surprisingly, it's one of the more popular ancillary pro leagues out there. And with England's Top 4 flights already represented in FIFA, it was only a matter of time before Germany got in the act too."

"If you're looking for a deeper German career mode, say with the likes of SpVgg Unterhaching or Karlsruher SC this coming Autumn, you're in luck.

It remains to be seen if EA Sports will seek to include FUT items in the league, but Futhead suggests that, according to the inclusion of 2. Bundesliga and England's EFL League One, players "shouldn't expect much impact outside of Silver and Bronze packs."

While it is clearly less important for the British readers, Futhead said FIFA fans in America may be particularly concerned about this initiative:

"A number of rising stars and lesser known Yanks hone their craft in the 3. Liga including the former USMNT senior capped Joe Gyau."