FIFA 18 Update: Two Players Get Higher Ratings Than Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Jul 26,2017


Actually there are two players who will pip Ronaldo and Messi to the top spot.

With FIFA 18 coming soon, all eyes are glued on the web for the next step of the game's release. EA Sports has released several trailers of new features and players, and fans just can not get enough. While some of these features are not very appealing, most of the new additions that we have confirmed so far seem to be pretty amazing.

In the new developments of the game, it is clear that the new cover star of the FIFA 18 franchise. Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo was chosen to represent the largest EA Sports creation, ans the news was just revealed last month. Since then, the social media has been concerned about whether Ronaldo or FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi will be rated higher. But as things appear, neither of them would claim to be the top spot.

As mentioned earlier, several new developments have occurred in the FIFA 18 this year. One of the developments is to place the inclusion of Icons as a special edition in the game. This will replace the Legends edition which was provided earlier. The icons will have some legendary players from their time playing in FIFA 18, and will obviously be rated quite high. predicts that the two of these "icons" will actually be the highest rated players in FIFA 18. They will be ahead of Messi, and even the cover star Ronaldo. These names are not difficult to remember too.

The site claims that Diego Maradona and Pele will share the top spot of the ratings list. The South American duo have been given a predicted rating of 95 each on the page with a community vote placing Pele one point over Maradona. The icons will also include  the likes of Thierry Henry and Ronaldo Nazario, both of whom are predicted to have a good rating of 90s. is usually the source of FUThead ratings, which combine seasonal and historical FUT trends to give the closest predictive rating. Although these ratings are far from final, they will be a good description of the final release of the game expectations.

The icon edition of FIFA 18 will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and promises to provide you with the best of football from back in the day, combined with the tremendous graphics of this day and age alongside the best players of this generation.