FIFA 18 Is Available To Play EARLY - Here's Details For Pre-order, Release Date and Costs

Jul 28,2017


FIFA 18, as the next instalment in the football game series, is the "single biggest leap forward" for the franchise, claimed by its developers. The popular football game will use the new sports technology system to more realistic description of the player movement, including this year's cover star Cristiano Ronaldo.

EA Sports said the game's soap opera-style career mode, The Journey, will also return when the game is released in the autumn. For only the 2nd year, the game has been using high-powered Frostbite graphics engine, which EA Sports said means players look more realistic than the previous games.

For FIFA 18, changes have also been made to the gameplay, with a new crossing and through ball system introduced, designed to improve accuracy, EA said.  Coventry City fans will be able to get early access to FIFA 18 - but only when they shell out for a special Cristiano Ronaldo edition. The former Manchester United player is the cover star of FIFA 18 and the 'icon' version priced at £79.99 will be available to play on Tuesday 26 September. Gamers who spend £ 54.99 on the standard version have to wait until Friday, September 29 to enter the game.

The new FIFA 18 will be the first time that Cristiano Ronaldo will face off after rival Lionel Messi signed up to be the cover star of Pro Evolution Soccer. Ronaldo replaces Borussia Dortmund midfielder Marcus Reus on the cover. Earlier, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson had been the face of the game in 2016.

How to play FIFA 18 Early?

FIFA 18's launch date is Friday, September 29, but there is a way to sample the game early - Players who register EA Access on XBox One or Origin Access on PC can get 10 hours playing time from September 21 (Thursday) -  a week before release. While Playstation 4 players have to wait until September 26 to enter the game.

Where to get the cheapest FIFA 18 coins?

The standard price, Ronaldo and Icon version of the game are set by EA Sports in their online store. Retailers are expected to reduce the prices closer to launch, and Amazon has lowered the standard version price to £49.99 here with free delivery on September 26.Tesco also offers a lower price of £ 49.99 for the standard version here.

What is the difference between the version?

The Standard edition comes with eight special edition FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team game mode) suit, five FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs and Cristiano Ronaldo on loan for five FUT matches. The Ronaldo edition early access comes with 20 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, the Cristiano Ronaldo loan and 8 special edition kits. And the 'Icon edition' priced at £89.99 comes with 40 Gold Packs, the Ronaldo loan, a five-match Brazilian Ronaldo loan, eight kits and three FUT Team of the Week loan players for 20 weeks.

All versions are available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. And Legacy editions are available on PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

EA Sports also introduced a Nintendo switch version, with a custom game engine to suit the new platform.