Summary For FIFA 18 Ultimate Team New Features & Contents

Aug 10,2017


EA SPORTS has officially announced the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team details a few days ago, which includes the new modes and new play ways that will appear in the FUT 18 in the legendary star-level FUT.

With the expiry of legendary exclusive license agreement between EA and Microsoft, EA SPORTS named the legendary stars as ICONS. It is available to play the legendary star related content on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. Up to now EA SPORTS has released 16 legendary players.

They are Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Henry, Yashin, Pele, Gullit, Vieira, Schmeichel, Deco, Del Piero, Owen, Puyol, Roberto Carlos, Ferdinand, Okocha.  The ability of these legendary players can be found here.

Each of the legendary players above will have three independent player cards ith different attributes to reflect their career history in different periods of time. Two of the low player cards will be available directly from the card package, and the best legendary player card can only be obtained through the SBC (need to use the lower ability of the legendary player card) or a specific time card package.


This is a new feature in FUT - by completing a series of small tasks in the game or mobile APP to complete the daily or weekly system given the goal. These goals are about lineup management, and challenges for you to accomplish specific challenges in the game. The more challenging goals you complete, the better rewards you will get.

Squad Building Challenges

There will be some changes for SBC in FUT 18. The requirement to form a lineup will be merged, such as "require the lineup contains two MLS league players." In addition you will encounter the SBC challenge task in which the lineup slot is locked and replaced with a specific condition (a nationality, a league, or a team). This will make SBC more diverse and more challenging.



Player SBC - Challenge task that give particular player reward;
League SBC - test your knowledge of the world's major league, get particular player reward after the completion;
Special SBC - it will include a specific time-limited SBC, FUT Champion SBC, Active SBC and so on.

Squad Battles

In this new mode, you will be able to challenge the lineups of professional players, professional FIFA players, celebrities (such as music producers), Youtuber etc. According to different difficulty levels, the challenge will be able to get the corresponding points after the victory. The cumulative number of points will produce the corresponding ranking and rank, the higher the ranking of the reward the better.

Champions Channel

This is EA SPORTS specifically for FIFA e-sports exit function. Where you will be able to see the world's top players of the duel. In the viewing process can be done to switch any angle, fast forward, reverse and other operations. At the same time the game will have a detailed event in time tips, wonderful goals will not miss.

Play FUT Anywhere

The new FUT Web app web end will have the same functionality as the mobile APP. Whether the above mentioned Objectives goals, SBC, or the basic lineup management and player transactions can be operated. (FIFA 17 Web Edition does not include SBC)