FIFA 18 Beta Codes, Battlefield 2018, Mass Effect and Dragon Age Reveals

Aug 14,2017


For all FIFA 18 fans, this week may have proved to be pretty exciting since EA Sports revealed news including more on the FIFA 18 beta launch, Battlefield 5 situation, as well as the latest Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

The first closed FIFA 18 beta test was initiated by EA Sports, giving those who were selected to take their first action. Unfortunately, this is not an open beta, which means that the most interested gamers will not be involved. However, it will not be the only chance for FIFA fans  to try out the game before its big release in September.

EA sports traditionally run a free FIFA 18 demo before being released, and this year will be no different. While access is limited to certain teams and game modes, it may prove to be very popular for downloading. You can expect an announcement in the next few weeks, probably followign the FIFA 18 beta. The FIFA 18 demo is typically running in mid-September and can be accessed on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as  other participating platforms.

There is also another question of whether it will include FIFA 18 on Nintendo switch. As the version is different, so before the release date, EA may notrelease playable content on the new device. According to a FIFA 18 Reddit post, the FUT cards will now display a complete list of player statistics and attributes(FUT 18 Legendary Stars Ability Attribute List), which will make it easier for you to see exactly what you will get when a new player joins your team.

With Mass Effect Andromeda DLC looks more and more impossible, the developer BioWare has talked about another forgotten franchise. BioWare's Mike Laidlaw has posted a series of posts on Twitter to discuss the Dragon Age franchise. Laidlaw suggested that BioWare still has plans for another two Dragon Age games and no any plans to end this series.

The Mass Effect Andromeda DLC looks  increasingly unlikely as EA is quiet in franchise in its latest earnings call. EA almost did not mention Mass Effect Andromeda during its first quarter earnings call, which indicates that the new DLC is unlikely.

Battlefield 1 has proven a great success for EA, with a large number of players have confirmed to participate in this game now. And there are now two million new players known to have picked up and played the title over the past three months, but that does not mean EA is planning for the sequel. This seems to be confirmed in the latest company financial earnings call, with CEO Andrew Wilson and CFO Blake Jorgensen confirming that EA is developing 12 games, and all using the Frostbite engine.

It also obviously includes a new Battlefield game, although there is no further details on setting or location. This is simply called as “the next great Battlefield game” and has no release date right now, except for a 2018 window. But while the recent earning call made for good news for Battlefield fans, the same can not be said for Mass Effect.