Fifa 18's The Tourney Mode Is Brilliant And Like a Soap Opera

Sep 14,2017


FIFA 18 will be out within a few weeks. Like last year,  now there is a free demo on PlayStation and Xbox stores to have a taste of what's coming from the full lrelease. A lot of its updates are cosmetic: it looks more refreshing and sounds better, with a new up-to-date soundtrack and improved commentary. It still absolutely contains a variety of football life content, from all walks of footballing life, from international squads, to the Champions League, all the way down to juniors. It is coming with a bunch of back-of-the-box soundbite updates that promise a better playing experience: dribbling is overhaul and iconic football legends, such as Pele, Maradona and Ronaldinho have been into Fifa Ultimate Team, the addictive card game mode that took the football community by storm.

The demo includes a number of authentic teams to play, including Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Bayern Munich, as well as a small number of different stadiums to play in. In addition, it gives a taste of temptation of what’s coming in the next chapter of The Journey, the story mode that debuted last year with surprise success. Nobody expected that the story mode in the football game would be any cop, but somehow it was decent - though being cheesier than a party-sized fondue. There are minor spoilers here as a result.

The Protagonist Alex Hunter returns, and straight off the back of his success in last year’s journey, he is on a high. At the start of the FIFA 18's demo, he gets a good news: Real Madrid is considering him in the latest transfer window, which is a lifetime opportunity, even though hisgrumbly ex-footballer grandfather Jim advises caution. It is unclear whether your decisions from FIFA 17 will play a big part at the beginning of the next chapter, but you will have more choices throughout the new story are supposedly much more substantial in consequence. And so you play Alex out of his current squad in his final match; When you try to complete a series of challenges, such as  scoring an equaliser, fans can boo tribally. It is really emotionless, but this kind of narrative brings a fun backstory to the individual games.

Afterward  it turns more dramatic as Alex's manager suddenly enters his hotel room and desperately tells him that they have been duped - there are no any deasl on the table and he have to go save his career because it is too late. Then it is curtains, and you are looking at a teaser trailer for what will be in the full game. This is a short and brief slice that is identical in concept to everything you played in the original Journey, but adds an extra layer of hammy melodrama that makes the soapy storytelling less realistic but all the more entertaining.

So while there may be new mountains of new kits, new players, stadiums, clubs and player animations to make sure the “it's in the game” is still driving the heart of the footballing experience, the Journey answers their most important questions all: is it fun to play? According to the current findings, it is "yes".

Fifa 18 will come out on 29 September for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. By that time, all gamers can get cheap FIFA 18 Coins on professional and safe site, where offers the best service and fast delivery.