FIFA 18 Web And Companion App Release Date

Sep 15,2017

The wait for FIFA 18 is almost over with the full game to be released on September 29, but there is also a question - when will the FUT Web and Companion apps be launching? Well,  the good news is that there is even less time to wait for the apps as   the official EA wedsite says that we are just a multi-week away Web App launching.


The following is the full details:

When Will FIFA 18 Web App Releases?

  • September 15 – FUT 17 Web App goes offline.
  • September 21 – FUT 18 Web App comes online. If you are eligible, this is the time when you can start using the Transfer Market.
  • September 22 – New Companion App launches. This is your chance to update your FIFA 18 Companion App on Android and iOS.

EA also says that the early access to the Web and Companion Transfer Market will end on October 9 at 12 am. After that, you will need to log into FIFA 18 on your console or PC at least to continue using both Apps.

How can you access it?

  • You must have created a FUT Club before August 1, 2017, so that you can get early access to the FUT 18 Web and Companion apps.
  • Your FUT 17 account must still exist.
  • Your account needs to be in good condition. If you are disabled or had other actions taken on your account in FUT 17, you will not be able to get early access.

FIFA 17 on the Web and Companion Apps access

EA states that the FUT 18 Web app replaces the 17 version, so players will not be able to access FUT 17 after September 20. For the Companion App, players will need to update to the FIFA 18 version on Android and iOS after Oct. 6, 2017.

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