FIFA 18 Players Are Not Happy Because The Latest Patch Made Scoring Goals Difficult

Oct 12,2017


Everyone that has played FIFA knows that a new FIFA 18 Patch came out back since 4 days ago, but players are not exactly satisfied with what it has done to the game. Though it fixed various problems with Ultimate Team, it also increased the goalkeepers' response time and reduced  outfield player's shooting accuracy.

All of those come together to make it more difficult for players to score goals, increasing the difficulty of the game in a way that players do not expect, and far from happy about. With the difficulty of the game increased, many players find that it is less fun ad more more frustrating to play games,  especially because they can not play games as easily as they could before.

Some players have compared the game unfavorably to FIFA 17, and how these games were a grind with few goals, rather than a high-intensity shooting matches that would lead to much higher scores. Others think that the patch has broken what made the game enjoyable.

Although this can be attributed to people that are salty that they could not score goals as easily as they could before in the game, but it also may destroy the experience for a lot of people somewhat. Either way, they are likely to adjust the best they can and keep playing; FIFA players are a loyal bunch.

Of course, EA may also take the complaints too seriously and roll the patch back and either keep it that way, or add it back in, but there is less adjustment to the goalkeeper reaction times and shot accuracy.

Then again, the FIFA 18 patch may also be a good thing; if you like more difficulties in the FIFA game, then having those small adjustments to reaction time and accuracy may be a good thing for you, forcing you to be more careful when picking your shots.

Either way, you can buy fifa 18 coins on and get on the game and see how the FIFA 18 patch changes your experience.