Competitive FIFA Staple Zimme Becomes A Member of AS Roma Esports Team

Oct 18,2017


In the highly competitive FIFA scene, an offseason transaction news is coming and going, it is only appropriate that another big club achieves remarkable results once again before the qualifying season gets underway.

Recently, the European competitive staple Simon 'Zimme' Nystedt of Sweden is the latest to make a big move, officially becoming a player  of AS Roma eSports Team. Zimme joins Sam 'Poacher' Carmody and Nicoló 'Insa' Mirra, representing the massive Italian club at official FIFA tournaments and events.

The 18-year-old Zimme from Eskilstuna, Sweden, has been playing FIFA profesionally since 2015. He entered the finals of the European Regional Qualifiers of the FIWC in 2017 and has regularly competed at the Swedish FIFA Championships. At the time of his move, he is currently ranked as the second best FIFA player in his home country.

Although the ESWC PGW FIFA18 Challenge is not an Ultimate Team Championship qualifying event, it marks the informal start of the FUT 18 competitive calendar November 3-5 in Paris, France. We will have to see if there are any Roma players start their runs there, or if they focus on the presumed beginning of FUT Champions Weekend League qualifying on weekends.

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