FIFA 18: 3 Settings Help You Instantly Become a Better Player

Nov 29,2017

Sometimes, the smallest adjustments can make a huge difference on FIFA 18. But with so many settings, finding the right ones to adjust can be an expensive trial and error process.

Thankfully, YouTuber Krasi has worked hard for you and has chosen three quick changes that can really affect your FIFA fortunes.

Let’s have a look.

Custom Camera Settings - By changing the camera view, you will be able to exploit space more easily


Krasi said that the modified version of the Tele Broadcast camera is the best view in the game. We recommend that you do not just stick with the default zoom and height values, but use the sliders to change them both. You want to set the height to "19" and zoom to "3". By doing this, you will be able to see all the players on your radar.

Player Name - By turning on the player name, you will be able to protect yourself  against some of their better attributes


When you play online, the opposition’s gamer ID will appears over the player they are controling. Krasi recommends changing the ‘Player Indicator’ to ‘Player Name’. This is because you will know exactly what player is on the ball - so be aware of their skills or stronger foot.

Therefore, you can adjust the tactics accordingly.

Lobbed Through Balls - By turning Lob Pass Assistance to manual, you will have better control over the aerial passes


This is the easiest way to release your strikers, but pulling off the perfect pass may be very hard. In order to give yourself the best possible chance, set ‘lob pass assistance’ to ‘manual’.

Are you playing FIFA 18? If so, do not forget try those settings mentioned above to make you a better player and welcome to buy cheap fifa 18 coins at!