FIFA 18 Gamers Can Play As A Manager In The Game

Dec 04,2017


Gamers of FIFA 18 can play as the Brazilian legend Ronaldo as a manager. This star, who is one of the ICONS cards, has been ‘unofficially’ added to the roster by a team of modders.

They have created a file for the PC version of the game that once downloaded, reskins the default avatars with the Brazilian.

A lot of new FIFA 18 files have entered the Modding Way - a website devoted to adjusting and improving the latest title of EA. They allow gamers to play Career Mode  such as Jose Mourinho, Zinedine Zidane, Jurgen Klopp and many more.

Instead of acting as random avatars, these new re-skinned models will take their place in the transfer negotiations and cutscenes, allowing for a much more realistic experience.

More amazingly, the site even allows gamers to play as the role of the legends who has not yet to tried their hand at management. This includes  the likes of John Terry, Thierry Henry and Francesco Totti.

Modding Way is a website that allows skilled gamers to upload their own adjustments, or "Mod," to FIFA. Mods are basically changes to the original code of the game. These range from minor upgrades to graphics - such as adding more realistic grass - to completely overhauling core game mechanics.

The downside is that many of these mods only run on the PC version of the game - so those who play on the PS4 and the Xbox One will still be stuck with the random avatars.