New PS4 Patch Live for FIFA 18 Following The Launching of TOTW 12

Dec 13,2017


Gamers can find the new FIFA 18 update for PS4 players based on the launching of TOTW 12. The new FIFA 18 update is now available for owners of PS4 game consoles while releasing on Xbox One, and PC in the past.  This new FIFA 18 patch considers addressing some prime issues in the game that start ranging between the Skill games and Ultimate Team.  Buy cheap fifa 18 coins online to find the early edge in the gameplay of FIFA 18. 

Gamers can find two bugs that are being linked with the goalkeepers while addressing the scoring. Similarly, the alterations are being prepared therefore, the players no longer directs the incorrect player in a Skill Game. While considering the devotees of Ultimate Team, EA Sports have required expanding some current options. Then, it is to eliminate some of the more difficult bugs. There is the inclusion of appending ability to observe FUT Champions Channel replaying in a slower (0.5x) playback speed. 

considering the Patch Notes  

A freeze occurs in some conditions during the goal commemoration for a goal and the goalkeeper scored it.  The goal festivity is being skipped in some condition as the goalkeeper scored a goal. To keep the sprint button is to make a cause on one occasion, as goalkeeper is to get up fast while grounding and keeping the ball. The player sometimes is being in direction of the incorrect player in a Skill Game. Juggle skill is strung while moving together for one more times in the Practice Arena that could make player vanish. The default FIFA Trainer settings for Intro Match with update are to display both movement and mechanics other than just movement. Buy fifa 18 coins online. 

Gamers can find some issues in online modes. Captains or players are being separated or crashed after requesting another club to a match in Pro Club Friendlies in some conditions. They had just transferred captaincy to another player.  There is the addition of the ability to observe replays FUT Champions Channel in a slower (0.5x) playback speed. During the time of toggling the playback speed of the replay, it makes cycle through Normal including fast and slow. The elimination of Single Player Camera from the list of obtainable camera angles in channel of FUT Champions takes place.  The elimination of the non-functional restart button in the FUT Champions Channel Pause Menu occurs. The FIWC Stadiums item is renamed to FeWC Stadium.  FUT Squads with default strategic values were incorrectly is fixed to over 100 and they have been reset to the usual default values. Gamer can find a visual issue in which sometimes the kit that a player decided to play with might not be the kit. Their challenger might visualize them while playing with FUT Online modes. Visiting the nearest online gaming house makes gamer avail fut 18 coins to start procuring the most promising players to make  a superb FUT 18. 

The FUT Squad Battles characterized Squad image that is not loading accurately after quickly transitioning all through screens.  The countdown timer of pause menu sometimes shows all through a FUT Champions Channel replaying. The lineup list of scrolling team shows the beginning of a FUT Champions Channel replaying. The penalty shootout tutorial sometimes is exhibited while a penalty shootout in a FUT Champions Channel replaying is going on.  The issues like audio, visual and presentation are addressed. The updates to the 2D portraits for some players occur.