Manchester United Introduced A Completely New Kit on FIFA 18

Dec 20,2017

Manchester-United-Launched-A-Brand-New-Kit-On-FIFA 18

Manchester United sprung a surprise this evening by launching a brand-new fourth kit - but it can only be available on console game FIFA 18.

Being regarded as the biggest club in the world, when United release a new jersey, it can be imagined a big news, so you can imagine the shock and excitement from gamers following the club's announcement tonight.

This is the first time ever that the digital fourth kits have been created in the FIFA games, they have been not only made available for Manchester United, but also for Juventus, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

They are only available on FIFA's Ultimate Team features, and each team's zone will be automatically assigned to players who choose one of the four clubs as their favorite team.

Unfortunately, however, you can not do it retrospectively - the team had be on your active profile before December 15.

What did you do with the new jersey? Should Adidas consider releasing it in real life perhaps?