FIFA 18 Ultimate Team SBC(Squad Building Challenges) Guides

Dec 25,2017

This article is about how to build an Ultimate Team in FIFA 18, get great chemistry, earn FIFA 18 Coins fast and stand the best chance of success while playing online. Get the cheapest players for Ultimate Team and learn about TOTW Cards. Squad Building Challenges explanation, and FUT 18 card Packs detail. Squad Battles, how to beat the legendary teams. FIFA 18 TOTW 14 Details.

The new to FIFA 18 is Squad Building Challenges. In this mode, you need to build Ultimate Team starting XI that meet specific criteria. If you do that, you will get the prizes. In this Squad Building Challenges guide we will detail the mode, explain how you win bonuses and see if rewards are worth the effort and player card outlay.

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FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges - FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Puzzle Mode

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Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 18 are a variety of challenges that you have to assemble from FIFA 18 Ultimate Team that meets a set of standards. The point here is that when you submit a final player, they will always exchange bonuses. This means that you are essentially swapping 11 Ultimate Team players for a prize. 

How Do Squad Building Challenges Work in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

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In FIFA 18 Ultimate Team's Squad Building Challenges, you will see a series of challenges. Some are time-bound, so if you like the look and feel of rewards for those, jump on them sooner rather than later. 

Each Squad Building Challenge usually splits into sub-challenges. Each sub-challenge has its own reward, but to complete all the challenges, you will open the main prize. Prizes appear in the form of FIFA Coin Cards. You can see all the prizes before you submit a team in exchange.