FIFA 18: 99% of players are making this huge mistake

Dec 29,2017


Admit it, you are one of the millions of console owners who play games on television. Well, now it is the time to upgrade.

Playing on a PC monitor can dramatically improve the overall experience and make annoying factors such as input delay a lot more affordable. Switching can help give you the edge in everything from online FIFA 18 Ultimate Team matches to Call of Duty World War II team deathmatch bouts and much more.

Here is why it is worth making the swap below.

No more eye strain

Finding it hard to see this little text? This is because the best distance to sit from a television is a few meters away - not a few inches. At the same time, Monitors are designed to be viewed up close - so pixel densities tend to be far superior to an equivalent sized TV. Everything looks more crisp and clear - plus there's the advantage of not having to scan a massive screen.

They’re cheaper than TVs

The average 4K TV will cost you hundreds of pounds, but for half the price you get a seriously impressive monitor. If your budget is tight, pick up a 1080p version - preferably around the 20 inch mark.

No more motion blur and ghosting 

There is nothing worse than unwanted motion blur - but many TVs are still struggling to deal with fast-paced action. The monitors have ultra-fast response times, which means fast-moving images and transitions are rendered smoothly without smearing or ghosting. On FIFA console versions, you are not able to turn off motion blur - but a monitor will definitely clean it up.

Minimise input lag

The input lag is the delay between pressing the button and seeing the game react on the screen, and the televisions are hopeless at stopping it. This is because they often have other processors and features running to improve the quality of the picture. It turns these modes down by turning on the "Game" mode on the TV.

At the same time, gaming monitors are designsed to fundamentally prevent input lag - with higher refresh rates. In essence, it will get you back to the vital milliseconds, making you feel more connected to the game than ever before.