FIFA 18 Team of the Year Attackers Revealed – Kane In, Neymar Out

Jan 16,2018

EA Sports have revealed the three attacking players who have made it into the FIFA 18 TOTY. This year Harry Kane replaced Neymar, together with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, getting into FIFA 18 Team of the Year Attackers.


During the past year, these three stars have been some of the most lethal players in front of goal, and now they will have a special in-form card available. And their stats are insane: Ronaldo sees himself gain an incredible 99 rating while Messi scores a 98 rating, and Tottenham striker Harry kane gets 96 but with 99 shooting. Let's take a closer look at their insane stats:

Cristiano Ronaldo – Overall 99 
Pace – 98 
Shooting – 99 
Passing – 94 
Dribbling – 98 
Defence – 50 
Physical – 95 

Harry Kane – Overall 96 
Pace – 86 
Shooting – 99 
Passing – 93 
Dribbling – 95 
Defence – 58 
Physical – 96 

Lionel Messi – Overall 98 
Pace – 96 
Shooting – 97 
Passing – 98 
Dribbling – 99 
Defence – 45 
Physical – 81

When are the FIFA 18 TOTY players available? 

According to EA Sports, the three attackers will be available in packs for 24 hours, starting at 6pm GMT today. And the rest of the TOTY players will be unveiled throughout the rest of this week.

How to get Team of the Year players?

Just like FIFA 18 TOTW, FIFA 18 gamers can get their hands on the limited Team of the Year players by opening Gold packs as well as special limited edition packs on FIFA Ultimate Team. You will need the in-game fifa coins or FIFA points to open the packs, and there is no guarantee that you will open one of the TOTY players in the packs you open. If you manage to build a big enough coins collection then you may be able to secure one in the player transfer market, but they are expected to cost as much as one million coins.