FIFA 18: 4 Things EA Urgently Needs to Resolve Before FIFA 19 Comes Out

Jan 30,2018

FIFA 18 may have done a lot of right things, but there are still a lot to be improved. Here we have picked out four quick fixes that instantly make the game much, much more better. Let's start with a relatively easy one.

Mohamed Salah’s face


Mo, is that you?

The Egyptian does not really look much like his real-life self, which is very sad since how many upgraded cards he has had on the game so far. The good news is that the EA regularly updates the faces and hairstyles of players, so we can look forward to seeing this addressed in the next update.

Kit numbers not updating


Is it hard to keep the kit number updated? Of course it would not be too difficult to solve it!

Currently, some players have different sets of kit numbers as they have in real life because EA does not update them. Of course, you can go in and change them manually, but often they will be reset after every game. This is a tiny detail, but really takes away from the experience, not to mention it's a kind of annoying - so here's hoping they sort it out.

Squad fitness search


The Squad Fitness Search is just full of Player Fitness Cards

This year introduced an improved search mechanics for consumables - one of which is a Squad Fitness card search. But when you search for them, only the ‘Player Fitness’ cards appears. Sometimes a Squad card will find its way there - but it's too rare. EA needs to increase the number of these cards, or remove the Squad Fitness search entirely.



Pro FIFA player Boras Legend told us that the server 'completely ruined' the experience right now, and need to be sorted out. BoarsLegend is not satisfied with the servers. Nothing is worse than a lag or delay in playing Ultimate Team. That is enough for them to get kicked off.

"In my opinion, this is by far the best game when the connection is perfect. Unfortunately, due to the insufficient servers that completely ruin the experience, players have been suffering a lot of delays this year," He said.

Are you playing FIFA 18 and have you found those issues when you play the game? Do you expect to have a better game experience in FIFA 19? Comment below or chat with us on FIFACOINSBUY.Com.