FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades: Ratings Refresh & Premier League Player Updates

Feb 06,2018


FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades are about to begin, as the Premier League stars are waiting for EA's annual ratings refresh.

FIFA 18 fans are counting down to the annual Winter Upgrades reveal. According to last year's Ratings Refresh, FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades will be gradually started by the end of February.

The last year's Ratings Refresh began on Friday, February 17, and ended on February 27. Buy fifa 18 coins online. If EA Sports takes a similar pattern, then we could see the Winter Upgrades start on Friday, February 16.

At the same time, the FIFA 18 developer has asked fans to feedback who should get  a ratings upgrade. With a tweet said "Who do you think deserves a Ratings, Weak Foot or Skill Moves upgrade in FIFA 18?" And with a link to a ratings refresh questionnaire included under the tweet. Fans can nominate a player and a new score.

EA Sports has unveiled a new update for FIFA 18, which aims to improve gameplay and eliminate annoying failures. With a weight of about 1GB, the new patch is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One. The latest FIFA 18 patch makes it much more difficult to score from kickoff.

The defensive team is now more compact, and the attackers will not push forward as aggressively and the space between the  attacking players and defenders will also be reduced. Also, in some cases, the goalkeeper will no longer unnecessarily clear the ball in certain situations.

EA Sports recently held the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona. That's a good news for the UK, as 16-year-old Donovan "Dh TekKz" Hunt won the competition. Despite being the 55th seed in the competition, the British defeated Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba 8-2 on aggregate in the Grand Final. The top eight players on each platform secured a place in the FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs in June of this year.