When Will FIFA 18 Update the Ultimate Team Transfers of January?

Feb 07,2018


The January transfer window has been closed for another year, and we have seen some high profile moves over the last month.

These transfers have made FIFA 18 Ultimate Team players eager to get their hands on the latest players cards.

Whenever a player moves to another club, FIFA 18 releases an updated player card, including the new club. This change opens the door to new line-ups of potential squad due to player chemistry changes.

Philippe Coutinho’s Barcelona move at the start of the window will see his improve with fellow La Liga players, while Aubameyang will now be a good choice for players establishing a Premier League side.

So when will the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team player cards be updated? And how do you get them?

When will FIFA 18 the January transfers? The January transfer window has seen plenty of top players change clubs, including the recent moves of Olivier Giroud and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on transfer deadline day.

Many FIFA players are waiting to see when these players will be available under the new clubs, and if the change has not happened yet then it will do very soon. The ultimate team players will be updated in batches, so you may not always see the conversion happen as soon as the player has completed their transfer.

Many players, such as Ross Barkley and Phillipe Coutinho, already have cards for their new clubs available in packs and on the transfer market. Player stats will not change during the transfer, it will just be the same card but represent their new club.