Top 10 FIFA 18 Bargain Centre Backs

Feb 10,2018

Attacks are said to be the best form of defense, but if you have two strikers in the middle of your back four on FIFA 18, we guarantee you will leap goals.

With that in mind, we've searched the transfer markets in the game's Career Mode for 10 center-backs, who will not cost you much money. When you start a new save, all of them are avalable to buy in the first transfer window, and although the prices quoted are those we negotiated with the seller's club, you may be able to do better by chucking in a sell-on clause or sending a player of your own in the opposite direction.


Yaroslav Rakitskyi (Shakhtar Donetsk)
As centre-backs, he is not the tallest, but with a mean free-kick, a knack for scoring from distance, and an eye for a long pass to go with his impressive tackling and defensive statistics, there’s a lot more to his game than just stopping opposition strikers. Shakhtar will want €18m for the 27-year-old international player, but his varied skill set and the fact that he can push out and play as a defensive midfielder when necessary makes him value for money.

Niklas Stark (Hertha BSC)
Hertha’s Niklas Stark is now rated 78 overall, but as a 22 years old young man, he has a big future since it is his potential of 85, not the flexibility that you buying him. You can get him with €17m if you're looking for a ball-playing defender who can read the game as well as he can tackle. He is also one of the faster centre-backs on the game with  acceleration of 75 and sprint speed of 78.

Davide Astori (Fiorentina)
Astori may have been 30 years old, but it is hard for you to find a more reliable center-back at a price below €20m. The Fiorentina defender will only cost you €4m or less. With both standing tackles and marking rated at 85, plus 86 for interceptions and 80 for reactions, he is the defender who likes to stay on his feet. He’s competent rather than impressive with the ball, but as protection for your goalkeeper he’s got all the right attributes.

Jannik Vestergaard (Borussia Mönchengladbach)
The Danish giant, with 1.98 meters tall, will surely add some presence to any defence that’s lacking in height. With a strength stat of 94 and heading accuracy of 86, Vestergaard can be a threat in both boxs. €15m is enough to get this 25-year-old player - given his overall level can be increased by about 5 points, you will almost certainly see a return on investment.

Yeray Álvarez (Athletic Club)
In recent years, Aymeric Laporte has been the most regular center-back connected to a move away from Athletic. Now he has gone to Manchester City. You can buy the good young defender with €14m, he reads the game well and he can put in a strong sliding tackle if necessary. He’s decent with the ball at his feet too, with potential of 84 overall to reach, he will be much better certainly.


Eric Botteghin (Feyenoord)
Botteghin’s strength of 91 is his excellent stat, but 83 for marking, standing tackles and interceptions makes him a serious obstacle to the opposition to get past. With 1.93 meters tall and 82 for jumping, he is also very difficult to beat in the air. The reigning Dutch champions will want €12.5m for the 30-year-old player, and his salary requirements should not break the bank either.

Jeffrey Gouweleeuw (FC Augsburg)
Jeffrey Gouweleeuw is typically Dutch and he is technically talented. With 84 for interceptions and 76 for long passing, you can easily put him on the midfield with no worries, but he is best in front of the goalkeeper with 81 for standing tackles, 79 for marking and 74 for sliding tackles. He is yours for €11m.

Iván Marcano (FC Porto)
Since the Porto man's contract expiring at the end of this season, it is a good time to nip in and pick up one of the Primeira Liga’s best defenders for a knockdown price. A price of €10m will get you an experienced, no-nonsense centre-back. With 82 for standing tackles, interceptions and aggression, the opposition will soon know whose ball it is. Good stats for jumping (90) and heading accuracy (83) make him a threat at corners and 74 for short passing means you can rely on him to keep the ball moving too.

Marek Suchý (Basel)
MarekSuchý has been always impressive for the Swiss club. The Czech international will set you back just over €9m, but he has 82 for strength, 80 for standing tackles and 78 for marking, which makes him hegot the necessary skills to assert himself in plenty of defences and he’s not bad with the ball at his feet either. A solid rearguard addition to any team with limited funds.

Damien Da Silva (Caen)
During only one year remaining on his contract, you can offer about €7m to get the French side. The 29-year-old has strong defensive stats across the board, with 80 for standing tackles, 79 for marking, and 78 for sliding tackles and interceptions. Throw in 78 for strength, 82 for aggression and 79 for heading accuracy and you’ve got a strong all-enterprising talent, you still have the potential to improve ove