FIFA 18 Fans Are Waiting for the Arrival of Game's Winter Upgrades

Feb 25,2018


After all the speculations, the FIFA 18 winter upgrades still have not yet come, which makes the player's respective stat cards remain the same.

Despite the recent significant upgrades arrived to the game, FIFA 18 players are still waiting for the arrival of the game's upgrades for players, the winter upgrades, which will allow EA Sports to permanently alter the stats of certain players. It's likely to happen anytime today as there are speculations that the upgrades will eventually arrive between February 16 and 19 via the game's Lunar Event.

As last year's player upgrades took place at around the same time of this year, the highly anticipated stat upgrades for the players across Europe's top players that will improve their stat cards may just be, indeed, around the corner. Buy fifa 18 coins online.

While awaiting for the winter upgrades, fans have already been able to avail of some of the game's major upgrades for FIFA 18 as they are now available in multiple versions of the game, including those for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch, as well as FUT Web and Companion App. It is noteworthy that these upgrades have brought with them the much-needed improvements to the game FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team).

One of the changes that the upgrades made is to limit the player's ability to open the Xbox Home Menu in any FUT Championship Match, whether it is the Weekend League or the Daily Knockout Tournament. If a player opens the menu during a match, he will lose the chance to play in the match. Nonetheless, the Xbox One's FIFA 18 players can still open the Home Menu as long as the game is in the Pause Menu mode or during a halftime without penalty.

The upgrades also addressed some of the gameplay issues that some players encountered, such as being unable to connect to the FUT after a break in the middle of FUT Squad Battles Featured Squad match, and receiving an incorrect error message when attempting to login to FUT Web or the Companion App while they are still logged into FUT.