FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades: Ligue 1, La Liga and Bundesliga May Be The Next Stops For Ratings Refresh

Feb 27,2018


As we know, the FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades have started rolling out, with the Premier League the first stop. And it looks like that the Ligue 1, La Liga and Bundesliga probably be the next stops for EA Sport’s Ratings Refresh.

The development team have decided on their list of top players who deserves a stat boost  in FUT this year.

Last weekend, Calcio A was next the league to get the Winter Ratings Refresh treatment. These new pack items are now available in game and there will be a lot more in the coming days. And it appears that the French  Ligue 1 might be the next one. This is based on how well EA Sports performed in 2017, and so far they are releasing the league in the exact same order.

If they follow  the last year's exact formula, Ligue 1 will see the next Winter Upgrade released, followed by La Liga and the Bundesliga.

They are released a few days apart, which means that we might see the next release tomorrow or perhaps Wednesday, February 28. It is also noteworthy that EA Sports may decide to change the situation up and provide something completely different later this week.

The Ratings Refresh reveals usually ends with the Rest of the World pack items that may arrive in early March. Details and statistics on the FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades for the Premier League and Calcio A can be found here.

Having seen how things have been handled in the past, it seems likely that the new FIFA 18 upgrades will be released at around 6 pm, GMT, each day. And the next FIFA 18 TOTW lineup will also be released officially in the next few days.