FIFA 18 Guides and Tips: How to Defend in FIFA 18 UT mode

Mar 09,2018


I'm sure to say that a lot of FIFA players do not know the defensive tips or tricks in FIFA 18 UT mode. Here we sort out a tutorial of defense and attack tutorial for FIFA 18 UT mode, you can check it out and get a better gameplay skills.

How to improve your defending?

The first level of defending is catching the ball. This defensive style is usually used between the players which are under the Gold level. This level of players' skill is low, and just look at the opponent without doing anything. Following the opponent running around.

The second level of defending is intercepting the ball. Players at this level can notice the formation and condition of the entire ground and fill up the empty position in need. Although they like to do the same thing (catching the ball) like the first level players, they are smarter and they can take the best position to intercept the ball and do not give the chance to opponent to make a threat.

The third level of defending is to steal the ball. They have a good reaction, they can prejudge the opponent's intentions based on the the action and orientation of the opposing player. They will get close to your players and steal the ball before or during passing at the passing lane.

The last but most important thing for you to do it to combine the simple skills of defending and attacking together, then your attacking and defending skills will be more diversified and you will easily win the game in FIFA 18. You can buy fifa 18 coins and have a try now.

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