FIFA 18 PC players Complain That Cheaters Ruin Their Matches

Mar 13,2018


Playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team online is very difficult, especially during the Weekend League, where even the top eSports professionals can participate. And it must be even harder when your own team is obviously working against you.

That is exactly a new exploit in the game, which allows cheaters to do on the PC version of the game though. There is video evidence of a cheater taking control of his opponent players, which makes it easy for him to score goals.

The video was released by Reddit users ildementrox, where they said that his opponent controlled his players and was able to spam the offside trap. 

When the ball goes out of play, this exploit will occurs obviously. You can clearly see that the blue player marker which was originally on his opponent's team swaps over to his own players, so that the cheater can control them independently.

They can even make the goalkeeper continually charge out of goal towards the ball,  allowing him to pass and score is a rather trivial matter.

Interestingly, even with this incredible advantage, the cheater, whose in-game name is 'WL_IS_HACKED_LOL', often failed to score. They even managed to lose a game in this weekend's matches somehow.  

'Hopefully this post can gain enough traction so EA will do something about it,' wrote the Reddit user.

Other commenters pointed out that the PC version had suffered from bugs and hacks in the past, and complained that EA Sports did not pay much attention to the PC version.

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