Three Things Fans Are Expecting to do on FIFA Gameplay

Mar 26,2018

FIFA 18 may carry more leagues and licenses than PES, but Konami’s game still has some tips under its sleeve. This is especially true when it comes to gameplay.

Here, with the help of YouTuber DTT, we have chosen three incredible PES features that are not part of EA Sports games. Let's take a look:

Ankle breakers


Believe it or not, you can't actually turn these off in FIFA. For those who are not familiar with this lingo, it means changing direction as soon as possible, so that it causes the oncoming defender to fall over.

Pretty cool, right? It will certainly make FIFA's skill and goal compilations more enjoyable to watch.


In EA's game, you are unable to dive, but just a press of a button on PES, you can hit the floor. It’s actually always been a feature of the Konami’s football series, but it has never been on FIFA.

Obviously, every time you do this you get a yellow card, but it's really interesting to pull off. To be fair, it would be utter carnage on Ultimate Team if this version is released, so maybe EA was right to give this a miss.

Slipping over

Do we need to say more? When it rains, the players on the PES will fall over randomly when they lose their grip. It also occurs when it is dry, but it is much more frequently in wet conditions.

Let us hope that EA's next game allows us to do some of those things on FIFA. And you can buy cheap fifa 18 coins here online.